We work hard to prepare every student for the adult life.

Syllabus and Course

The well-planned curriculum enhance the students individual talents and capabilities. The courses of study is formed by the CBSE & NCERT. At senior secondary level we have all three stream : Science, Arts & Commerce. Beside the main subjects the students are provided a plentitude of activities music, dance, painting Arts & Craft, Debates,exhibition sports & Games etc.

Evaluation and Promotion

Evaluation of students will be done on the basis of Class Test,Unit Test,Term Exam. It means the academic aptitude achievements in the classroom as well as the students social behavior with peers, superiors and relatives and emotional areas and personality development etc are constantly monitored.

Awards and Punishment

To encourage excellence in students BPS applauds them with prizes, certificate & honour. For all the Kind deeds that they do in the school or outside Punctuality and Decorum must be maintain at all times.

Use of Mobile and other gadgets are strictly prohibited in the school premises, if caught will be confiscated and never returned.

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